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'Laughter One with One' - a system recently introduced by Dr. Madan Kataria, allowing Laughter Yoga to become available to those who may, for various reasons, be unable to participate in group Laughter Clubs.

Arranged as a series of personalised laughter sessions geared towards facilitating a joyful laughter practice and developing the ability to benefit fully from Laughter Exercise. 

As the sessions proceed, agreed goals are set out each week, working together, exploring and developing new ideas for laughter; achieving greater levels of enjoyment.

Charting of daily and weekly checks keep track of progression relative to the starting point of the course.

An orientation session (approx. 90minutes), is followed  by weekly sessions (one hour minimum), which progress through various topics and aspects relating to Laughter Yoga. Contact is maintained on a daily basis by telephone; times agreed upon in advance.


   Contact Duncan to arrange your course of sessions.