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When you laugh, you change. When you change, the whole world changes.

 From the city parks of India to the boardrooms of the business world, Laughter Yoga brings out the best in everyone.

Laughter Yoga (Hasya Yoga) - created and developed by medical doctor Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri in 1995 in the form of social Laughter Clubs. Now Laughter Yoga has expanded around the world, providing space for community while practicing a rewarding and enjoyable exercise routine to reduce stress, stimulate energy  and promote a state of well-being.

Practiced in groups or alone without the need for comedy or humour to stimulate the laughter. Laughter Yoga is a safe and effective method for exercising the body, relaxing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit. Laughter Yoga practices are easily learned and are adaptable for all ages and capabilities. 

Laughter Yoga sessions can be modified to suit various group types, including older adults, children and those recovering from illness. Laughter Yoga in short, is popular in a range of settings. 

Anyone can learn how to laugh and enjoy life with Laughter Yoga.

 Members of LaughterTraining.net are registered trainers for Laughter Yoga International 

and are authorised to provide certificate courses and workshops 

*Saturday, March 13 online via ZOOM meeting* 
One Day Basic Learning course (6 hours) - $95
Times - 3 sets of two hour sessions with one hour between each session
9am-11am > 12am-2pm > 3pm-5pm

This workshop is intended for those who wish to know about Laughter Yoga for personal use or to add to your current skills . This is a one day experiential workshop where participants gain knowledge about Laughter Yoga and how it works as well as the immeasurable benefits it provides for the body and mind. You will learn about the structure and content of a Laughter Yoga session including laughter meditation and find out how to become more involved in Laughter Yoga and its practices. You will also have the opportunity to connect with others in a supportive environment and get practical ideas on how to bring more laughter into your life. You receive a certificate of completion at the end of this workshop issued by Laughter Yoga International. All materials are provided. Easily upgrade by continuing on to the second day of the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader course.

*Saturday, March 13 and 20 online via ZOOM meeting*
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader course (12 hours) - $295
Includes One Day Basic Learning course.
Times - 6 hours both days - 3 sets of two hour sessions with one hour between each session
9am-11am  >  12am-2pm  >  3pm-5pm

At this two-day Online Training you will discover:

  • Laughter’s physical, emotional and social benefits.
  • How to simulate and stimulate laughter.
  • Stress-relieving techniques that deepen creativity and build resilience.
  • The philosophy and history of Laughter Yoga and fundamentals of leading a laughter session.
  • How to lead your own community Laughter Club or Laughter sessions (healthy-workplace, healthcare, seniors etc.).
  • Laughter yoga exercises that will bring more happiness and connection in your personal/professional life.
  • How to connect people with optimism, health and healing through a wonderfully playful, scientifically-proven form of exercise. 


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